Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It started at my dads house which today was extra dark and extra filthy. I walked out side and a blizzard blew in... The sky was pure white I couldt make out the door right Infront of me... Weird A blizzard in August... I talked with Aveyon about it... She was just as puzzled as i was... As I walked to the front room I found myself in a dungeon. There was an abyss in the middle of the room. I couldt figure out what my companion was. I think it was some sort of shapeshifter. There was a blasts of cold air directed at me I raised my shield to deflect it. There was two exits to this room the blast came from the one in front of me. I walked through the door... I was in a hallway. There was on exit blocked with pink crystals... The hall continued into the distance... I walked over the the crystals and slashed them apart with my short sword. We went through the entrance and this room had a skeleton sitting on a through The skeleton king spoke seemely directly into my mind" young god. I am trapped here with son in constant mental battle. If you Promise to help I will lend you my power." I replies I will help The Skelton dissolved... I turned around an returned to the entrance. I followed the other exit this opened into a bigger room. An evil presence filled the room. There was a young women sitting in the middle of the room. And evil voice filled the air explaining how he kept the woman as a prisoner for centuries. The girl looked quite sad. I walked through the exit into another thrown room. There was a young man sitting on this thrown. He reeked of evil. He stood up an pulled out a sword. It was a long sword. I jumped a cross the room and began to battle him... He was far more powerful then I thought he would be. I dodged a blow to my legs by jumping onto the thrown. I felt the presence of the king. He asked if I wanted him to withdrawal his support. I said yes. Just as I started feeling weaker the young man transformed into a giant white owl with a long neck. I watched as my companion bit off the owls head. The battle was over the owl fell Onto the floor defeated. I sat down and thought about the half bloods that would come raid this dungeon. I told my companion that we should look for anything valuable In this dungeon. I was back at dads house. Jack was next to me . We started looking for loot. I went to dads room and open the fuse box there wasn't anything here. I noticed my parents were in bed. The storm continued to rage outside. I woke up

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