Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drug lord

I can't recall how I met him. But I was extremely scared when I had. For I have heard of how those who pissed off a drug lord would end up dead. And I don't want to die quite yet. So for some reason I ended up with him staying at my room. No one came to visit him or anything which made me more scared. At first he seemed to be in a bad mood. And evil looking. He put on some music and we started playing civilization the board game. ( didn't know they made those lol) as we were playing this game we talked. A lot of time went by. My parents came and went. The drug lord didn't seem to mind the interruptions. But they made me nervous... Then he asked me if I would like to go to gooding. I extremely kindly declined his offer.he walked out while his music was still playing. I looked down and noticed that he had given me his empire in civilization... And I was close to taking over a city. I walked into the kitchen... For some reason all but my boxershorts disappeared... Then Cristina came by. I tried to sneak past her but she saw. :( she went about cooking dinner . My robe appeared around me. I talked to her about some sort of attacknent for the sink sprayer thing. Following this discussion I went back to my bed room. The drug lord wasn't here. I noticed that almost all of his stuff. Was gone. But the song he liked a lot was still here as well as a few other possessions. I worried he made of left without them. I thought maybe I should call him. After several minutes talking with Christina I went to the front of the house and looked out the window. I noticed the drug lords vehicle was still here. It's like a brown version of one of my dads cars. He drove me here. I noticed someone smoking inside. I think he is smoking weed... I was glad that he hadn't left yet. Then I saw a couple waking hand in hand completely naked. This surprised me. I returned to the leaving room and everyone was naked. The drug lord came back inside and he too was naked. This was awkward I flowed the drug lord to the front room. He jokingly asked if I had thought he left. I declined he didn't appear to be in a bad mood or evil any more intact he seemed alright. He asked me to  go with him to gooding again. I could hear it in his voice. He really wanted me to come... I thought about it. I really wanted to go. But then my mind reminded me that he was a drug lord and those around them had a habit of drying under mysterious circumstances... I again  declined and was about to explain why when I woke up... Now I don't care about drugs. I don't have any problems with those that use weed. Would rather not meet people who use coke or ice or meth. In fact I used to have a friend who was addicted to pot... He was mentally addicted to it. You can develop a mental addiction to anything.  So should you live a life with someone who's job you hate or should you not live one at all if those were your options

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