Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drug lord

I can't recall how I met him. But I was extremely scared when I had. For I have heard of how those who pissed off a drug lord would end up dead. And I don't want to die quite yet. So for some reason I ended up with him staying at my room. No one came to visit him or anything which made me more scared. At first he seemed to be in a bad mood. And evil looking. He put on some music and we started playing civilization the board game. ( didn't know they made those lol) as we were playing this game we talked. A lot of time went by. My parents came and went. The drug lord didn't seem to mind the interruptions. But they made me nervous... Then he asked me if I would like to go to gooding. I extremely kindly declined his offer.he walked out while his music was still playing. I looked down and noticed that he had given me his empire in civilization... And I was close to taking over a city. I walked into the kitchen... For some reason all but my boxershorts disappeared... Then Cristina came by. I tried to sneak past her but she saw. :( she went about cooking dinner . My robe appeared around me. I talked to her about some sort of attacknent for the sink sprayer thing. Following this discussion I went back to my bed room. The drug lord wasn't here. I noticed that almost all of his stuff. Was gone. But the song he liked a lot was still here as well as a few other possessions. I worried he made of left without them. I thought maybe I should call him. After several minutes talking with Christina I went to the front of the house and looked out the window. I noticed the drug lords vehicle was still here. It's like a brown version of one of my dads cars. He drove me here. I noticed someone smoking inside. I think he is smoking weed... I was glad that he hadn't left yet. Then I saw a couple waking hand in hand completely naked. This surprised me. I returned to the leaving room and everyone was naked. The drug lord came back inside and he too was naked. This was awkward I flowed the drug lord to the front room. He jokingly asked if I had thought he left. I declined he didn't appear to be in a bad mood or evil any more intact he seemed alright. He asked me to  go with him to gooding again. I could hear it in his voice. He really wanted me to come... I thought about it. I really wanted to go. But then my mind reminded me that he was a drug lord and those around them had a habit of drying under mysterious circumstances... I again  declined and was about to explain why when I woke up... Now I don't care about drugs. I don't have any problems with those that use weed. Would rather not meet people who use coke or ice or meth. In fact I used to have a friend who was addicted to pot... He was mentally addicted to it. You can develop a mental addiction to anything.  So should you live a life with someone who's job you hate or should you not live one at all if those were your options

Monday, April 16, 2012

My dad is robin williams

I was in the car with my dad, who is robin williams. it started raining outside. it was raining so hard that we couldn't see out side of the windshield.he exited the overpass and ended up on a road that was only big enough for one single lane of traffic. he nearly hit severel vehicles before he stopped. there was a woman pulling a body on a board down the road. we went to help. I ended up pulling the body while my dad went off with the woman. after a bit of walking the body moved.

I yelled ,"He's alive"
The woman yelled back of course he is alive. he's wearing jewelry isn't he."

I though what does jewelry have to do with being dead or alive... when i started to yell something when she yelled back never mine...

I WOKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It started at my dads house which today was extra dark and extra filthy. I walked out side and a blizzard blew in... The sky was pure white I couldt make out the door right Infront of me... Weird A blizzard in August... I talked with Aveyon about it... She was just as puzzled as i was... As I walked to the front room I found myself in a dungeon. There was an abyss in the middle of the room. I couldt figure out what my companion was. I think it was some sort of shapeshifter. There was a blasts of cold air directed at me I raised my shield to deflect it. There was two exits to this room the blast came from the one in front of me. I walked through the door... I was in a hallway. There was on exit blocked with pink crystals... The hall continued into the distance... I walked over the the crystals and slashed them apart with my short sword. We went through the entrance and this room had a skeleton sitting on a through The skeleton king spoke seemely directly into my mind" young god. I am trapped here with son in constant mental battle. If you Promise to help I will lend you my power." I replies I will help The Skelton dissolved... I turned around an returned to the entrance. I followed the other exit this opened into a bigger room. An evil presence filled the room. There was a young women sitting in the middle of the room. And evil voice filled the air explaining how he kept the woman as a prisoner for centuries. The girl looked quite sad. I walked through the exit into another thrown room. There was a young man sitting on this thrown. He reeked of evil. He stood up an pulled out a sword. It was a long sword. I jumped a cross the room and began to battle him... He was far more powerful then I thought he would be. I dodged a blow to my legs by jumping onto the thrown. I felt the presence of the king. He asked if I wanted him to withdrawal his support. I said yes. Just as I started feeling weaker the young man transformed into a giant white owl with a long neck. I watched as my companion bit off the owls head. The battle was over the owl fell Onto the floor defeated. I sat down and thought about the half bloods that would come raid this dungeon. I told my companion that we should look for anything valuable In this dungeon. I was back at dads house. Jack was next to me . We started looking for loot. I went to dads room and open the fuse box there wasn't anything here. I noticed my parents were in bed. The storm continued to rage outside. I woke up

Monday, April 9, 2012

First Blog Post

Hi, My name is Stephen. This Blog will be about my Bizarre dreamworld. My goal is to post at least one dream per week for ∞ or until otherwise noted. I repeat this will all be fiction so known of it will or has ever happened in real life.